23 July, 2019

Inman Connect Field Report: Client Portals are Coming

By Aaron Scruggs

Last week I wrote about what I learned from interviewing real estate agents in the Austin market. The core theme of that post is about the need for a new class of tools that put the client first during contract-to-close.  

After a brief walk down “Startup Alley” at this year’s Inman Connect in Las Vegas, I am more convinced than ever that the industry is going in this direction. In fact, I see this new class of software extending beyond contract-to-close, covering every aspect of the client experience.


After a brief conversation with their Co-Founder, Darren Clark, I discovered that they are looking to help real estate agents provide a better experience for new clients. Kohab gives agents a communication platform to help jumpstart those new relationships.


This company gets it. Clozio’s CEO, Matt Ross, is a kindred spirit. He sees the same problem that I discussed in my previous post about providing an excellent client experience from contract-to-close. He has his own spin on how to help.  


Because we are still in private beta, we’re just here as an observer; listening and learning.  

We are thrilled to be a part of this community and encouraged to see other companies preaching the same message: “It is all about the client experience.”

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As we comb the halls of the Aria looking to learn as much as we can, we’d love to learn how you see the client experience evolving.   

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