The basics.

What is Rephyr?

Rephyr is the home for real estate professionals’ meaningful communication with clients. Up the ante and scale your business while providing homebuyers with a phenomenal experience. Add an extra layer of satisfaction to their next momentous decision.

Who is it for?

Rephyr helps you provide a fantastic, transparent residential homebuying journey. Transform your workflow with a simple and efficient secret weapon that keeps all steps of communication and documentation organized — including contracts, images, to dos, important dates, contractor references, and more — in a single, secure home. Save everyone time and offer an unparalleled user experience.

When should I use it?

From day one to move in and beyond. Each time you partner with a new client to find the space of their dreams, Rephyr is an investment in meaningful communication and setting measurable expectations. Glimpse how your effort translates into customer appreciation with real-world wins that ripple throughout your community.

Where is it available?

Join the real estate revolution and say hello to the next step of your career. While Rephyr currently operates in private beta for Texas-based real estate professionals, support is expected to be nationwide by the end of the year. Sign up for the waitlist and help us prioritize support for your market.

Why use Rephyr?

Rephyr began with the idea that homebuying could be a less stressful, more communication-friendly, and transparently organized process. These frustrations aren’t just common for potential homeowners, but real estate professionals too. After consulting numerous industry experts, we couldn’t find a tool that eliminates these rough edges in the journey to homeownership. So we built it.

How it works.

How does Rephyr work?

Simple and considerate. Connect to your inbox, and as you gain new client relationships Rephyr automatically detects messages, contracts, references, and more — all thanks to proprietary technology that identifies contacts and PDF documents relevant to your real estate ventures. Set expectations around the most important milestones so you can maximize client enthusiasm for your work and their new home.

How much does it cost?

Earn the reputation worthy of a license to sell, without an absurdly big budget spread across inefficient tools. Rephyr is priced to reflect the realities of the real estate industry. Professionals pay a one-time cost of $100 per client per branded portal. No luck with the first attempt at a home? No sweat! Continue working with the same client at no additional cost within the same portal you already paid for.

How do I cancel?

We firmly believe the solution we created should be radically accessible and affordable, with no room for dissatisfaction. In line with these values, there’s nothing to cancel. Once a client portal is created, use it for the life of the client relationship and beyond for only the $100 you already paid.

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